DWIM Perl for Linux server - perl 5.14.2

You are looking at an earlier release.
Unless you are an archaeologist, you probably want to check out the latest version of DWIM Perl for Linux.


This is a plain perl distribution of perl 5.14.2 built on Ubuntu 11.10. It is a very experimental version - use it with caution.


  • Upload to your server.
  • Unzip using tar xzf dwimperl5_14_2-32b-0.02.tar.gz
  • move the directory to /opt/perl5_14_2/
  • edit ~/.bashrc and add this to the end: export PATH=/opt/perl5_14_2/bin:$PATH
  • reload it using source ~/.bashrc
  • perl -v

DWIM Perl 5.14.2 for Linux server

The current release is dwimperl5_14_2-32b-0.02.tar.gz, released on 2012.03.13.